It’s Monday! What are you reading?

So I am actually posting this a little late but only because I really wanted to finish the book I was reading. It’s title was Drizzle and it was written by Kathleen Van Cave. I would also like to recommend this book to 5th and 6th graders.

This book starts out with a young girl named Polly who loves her families farm. One day though after her brother falls ill, and the farm begins to change and die does Polly really get to know her aunt Edith. Aunt Edith is trying to sell the family farm, but what Edith doesn’t know is that Polly is there to help save it. Polly doesn’t know why her aunt has suddenly decided to sell, why things around the farm are changing, but she sure to find herself and save the farm.

The farm is no ordinary farm though. It moves and lives in a magical way that only Polly feels home at. Polly has to overcome many opsticals though on the farm like giant insects and other things like slugsand. Although most of the region is dry where this one of a kind rhubarb farm is located it is watered by a rain that falls every Monday at one p.m. Lilly’s farm is the soul source of business for the family, and harbors many rides and attractions to outsiders. 9780803733626 I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I even read parts to my kids because they couldn’t figure out what my facial expressions were about. It was when I was figuring out what kind of creature or plant the author was describing. I would definitely read this book again, and could probably learn something new each time. Now, unfortunately I only had time to read this one book over the course of the last week because it is a fairly long chapter book.

Mock Caldecott!

There are many reasons to hold a mock caldecott, and one of the biggest reasons is to see what type of books actually do interest the readers. In this case it is the children that we are interested in and what they like to read.20171204_111400.jpg

So for my mock Caldecott I chose six books. I felt that anymore than that would confuse the kids by allowing them to many choices to pick from. The first book Fish is Fish is a cute story of a friendship that lasted through the changes of evolution. In this book there is a cute little minnow who is friends with what he thinks is another fish until his friend starts growing legs, and changing into a frog. The frog then leaves and walks on shore until one day the frog returns to tell his fish friend his story about his time on shore.

The second book that I chose was Starfish, and it is just a bunch of information about a starfish. I threw this book into the mix just to actually see if the kids were reading the books or looking at the pictures.

The third book that I chose was Gilbert in deep, and this book has beautiful pictures and the story starts with a great white shark and his little friend that go over the reef into the dark Ocean. Where his mother had informed him not to go. They meet some strange other fish, and make it to the oceans surface just in time before Gilbert’s mother gets to angry that they went there.


Then I chose the book The Pout-pout Fish. This book is so darn cute that it is hard not to smile when you read the ending.

The fifth book that I chose was I Am Bored. This is a story about a dog who just thinks his life is boring until one day he gets blown to the moon where he meets aliens that do nothing, and eating nasty food all of the time. He finds that his life on earth was anything but boring and decides that he needs to go home.

The last book that I chose was Who took the cookie from the cookie jar. This is a mystery book and as a detective you have to follow the crumbs of the cookies to find out who took them.

The winner of my mock Caldecott book is The Pout-pout Fish. The pictures, and the story make this book so unique and a really good read. A really good pick from A small group of 2nd and 3rd graders.

It’s Monday! What are you reading?

This week I started out reading this very cute and colorful book called, “the aliens are coming!” This book is so cute, and the ending is just adorable. However the message be hung this book is that you have the power to do anything if you look inside you. I would also regiment this book to kindergarteners, and first graders. I think that the aliens with all their different colors and shapes are what make this book so interesting to read.20171116_195605.jpg

The next book that I read was, “Bisquit and the little puppy.” This is also a cute story about a young girls dog who ends up bringing home or hiding a stray little puppy in his dog house. The little girl tries multiple ways to get this puppy out but it just won’t move. Then biscuit manages to get the little puppy out just in time for the puppies owner to find him. This was just a cute story, and I would recommend it for first or second graders just because there is a little big of text that can be difficult to read.


The next book that I decided to read is a classic called, “The Last of the Mohicans.” This is such and interesting book that started out with a colonial scout meeting a Mohicans warrior named Chingachkook. It isn’t long after these to meet that they meet two young ladies that they have to escort to Fort William Henry. The warrior ran beside the horses while the ladies, and the colonial rode horse back. This book is during trying times in our nation’s history during the French and Indian war. There is danger at almost every turn, and this journey has only begun for this group as they travel through thick forests, and over steep mountains. I would recommend this book to middle school aged kids, and the fact that there are picture illustrations in this book makes it more inviting to students.


Skyping Renaissance

This article was pretty interesting in the way that the author gave details about when skyping was first shown that not many teachers seen it as a tool for in the classroom. She also mentioned that it took quite some time to really get the idea going. What surprised me the most was that many educators did not really either see or understand the potential for using Skype for educational purposes. It can also appeal to the students because it may interest them and others to start reading more and more. The students could even find another author to explore or get to know.

Yes! I would use Skype in my classroom. I think that it allows the students to ask their own questions and get them answered in real time from their favorite author. However some of the advantages to this is that it allows the students to get to know the authors of the books they like or that their peers like. This could also spark the imagination of that students peers to maybe read that authors books. I think that the disadvantages to this is that it allows hackers to perhaps see and make trouble or allows others to stalk the authors or children that are involved.

The author that I would choose personally would be Joe Pickett. He is a local author that has written a series of books about Wyoming and how a game warden catches people in different crimes. The series is found under the C.J. Box series, and can be found and read almost anywhere. This book has been pretty popular among some of my fifth through 8th graders because of the suspense that the author carries in his books. I have only read a few but I have found them to be quite entertaining to read.

It’s Monday! What are you reading?

This week I read the book Pathki Nana written by Kenneth Thomasama. This story is one of epic proportions because it starts with a young lady who was taken from her tribe and was forced to live in another. In this other tribe she is forced to work foe this elderly lady who is mean and nasty to Pathki. However, over a period of time and some heavy planning Pathki ends up escaping her captors and starts the treacherous journey back to her own tribe.


Along Pathki nanas journey she is plagued with an illness that causes her to find a natural hot spring. When she finds this hot spring she ends up digging out the opening enough to make a small pool for her to lay and soak in. After some time resting and taking care of herself she continues her long walk home. She is also chased by her captors who are reluctant to allow Pathki to leave them. She avoids be i g recaptured by hiding under a small bundle of sticks, and brush.

The author Kenneth Thomasama done a great job writing this book because once I started it I could not put it down. I wanted to find out whether or not Pathki Nana would make it back to her tribe, and no I am not gonna tell you the ending because that would ruin it for you. The story is though really good, and I would recommend this to my 5th or 6th graders just because some of the words may be hard to understand at a lower grade level. Also at this age they are just learning to read and if they happen to love this book the author has written a few others that are similar that I seen when I visited the library.

Importance of Read Aloud!

As a soon to be teacher it is very important to know what books are good to capture certain age groups. I mean you do not want to be reading a high school level book to first graders! It would be pretty hard for them to follow along. However, read aloud is important to all grade levels because they all have this thirst for knowledge, and when the reader can be taken away on an adventure to escape their day it creates a relationship with them, and maybe even a love of books will build within them. This in return can create lifelong readers that love to read, and they can share it with others.

Through this knowledge I now know that students of all ages will benefit from read aloud, and that they to can make the connection as a reader and a listener. Now, through all of the books that I have currently read my  top 10 would look something like this for my kindergarten, first, and maybe second grade classes.

African American Authors

I was asked to read two detailed articles on African-American Authors when slavery was at its high. This was a very difficult time for these authors because of what was going on politically in society. I would agree with these artists that it required a lot of time and effort to get their work even published. The thing that surprised me the most was that there were quite a few that did get published and did get their books known. There was not much that was new to me, but the pictures stood out the most to me. They were so colorful, and bright during such a dark time in the author’s life.

I think that teachers and librarians should not put emphasis on the different skin colors, or languages of different students. I think that if the student wants to talk about it then it should be a the discretion of that student. While there should be the discussion of Martin Luther King, and things of that nature. There is importance in certain events in history as well, but I do not think that circling out one or two students is the answer here. Keeping these types of book in a library is great however, because it is always good to read about those who are unique and standout or to know where one comes from. There is also always going to be a need for research on certain historians, or people who paved the way for others, and that I think is what makes history interesting.

It’s Monday! What are you reading? November 6, 2017

The books that I read this week were as followed, “Amanda pig and the really hot day.” This one book actually contained a series of mini stories within starting with the hot day, and going to a lemonade stand, and a few others. All of the stories though have a great plot to them in the thought that sometimes we don’t get what we want right away instead we have to work for it.

20171102_191359This week I also read a very beautiful butterfly book called, “Fly Butterfly.” This book goes through the phases of a baby butterfly starting out as a caterpillar, and growing into a monarch butterfly. I would recommend this book to all of my younger kids kindergarten to second grade, because the pictures are so beautifully bright and captures the changes of this butterfly nicely.


I then decided to read the story “Chalk” which isn’t much of a story as it is just pictures with no words. However the pictures are really good and the plot to the pictures was imaginative from the author. This is a good book to explore when you want your students thoughts and opinions on what each picture means. Fun Fun!!


Then I decided to look at the book “my very own big dictionary.” This book has multiple words with pictures that help beginner readers start to make that connection between the words they read to what they are or mean. 20171102_191414.jpg

The pictures in this book though are what my son loved as we read through it. Then I read, “the hungry caterpillar” by Eric Carle. Which happens to be one of my favorite books. 20171106_140117.jpg

Reading check in!

This far I feel that I have not done very well on keeping up with the goal that I set a few weeks ago. Therefore I feel that I need to make some adjustments to my current schedule to make sure that I can reach my goal. Some of the challenges that I have faced have been a bit overwhelming because they are medical and require my time to be with my husband and doctors. However, I am still going to try and meet this goal I am just going to have to break it down I to smaller parts that are more manageable.

I feel that by doing this I am just allowing myself time to adjust to the changes that I am being faced with currently.

It’s Monday! What are you reading?

This week I finished reading “Tears of a blood res sun” with my son. I have to say the ending was not quite what I expected but it was still good.

So we left off where this father and son were separated do to a terrible war. The father was flying over when his plane was shot down, and he was taken hostage. His son was outraged at the fact that no one was doing anythi g to get him back home. The story goes on and the son actually ends up flying a plane over and getting his own father home safely. Truly a good read for those kiddos that keep hope and faith that good will over come. I actually would recommend this book to some of my middle to high school aged children.

The next book I read was one of my favorites as a kid, and was “Brown bear, brown bear What do you see?” And of course this was read to my kindergartener who absolutely loved it. This book is a great read for those kiddos who are just starting to read, and the colors help them see and read the colors.

Then I read “if you give a mouse a cookie.” Because it just felt like it fit with the theme of Halloween. This book is a good read because it explains to the readers that things can escalate quickly with one simple act.