As a soon to be teacher it is very important to know what books are good to capture certain age groups. I mean you do not want to be reading a high school level book to first graders! It would be pretty hard for them to follow along. However, read aloud is important to all grade levels because they all have this thirst for knowledge, and when the reader can be taken away on an adventure to escape their day it creates a relationship with them, and maybe even a love of books will build within them. This in return can create lifelong readers that love to read, and they can share it with others.

Through this knowledge I now know that students of all ages will benefit from read aloud, and that they to can make the connection as a reader and a listener. Now, through all of the books that I have currently read my  top 10 would look something like this for my kindergarten, first, and maybe second grade classes.


2 thoughts on “Importance of Read Aloud!

  1. As I read your post, I realized that read aloud isn’t just to help them learn, but also to let them feel like they can relax and take a break. It is kind of like tricking them into learning and enjoying it, because they like listening, but it probably is a nice break while they don’t have to read for themselves.


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